Thursday, March 19, 2009

Grand Opening of Sushi Restaurant in Rosarito Mexico

Grand opening of the first Sushi restaurant in Rosarito, Mexico by Japanese !!!
Grand Opening soon!!!
* We based our plates on the French, Mexican and Japanese cuisine. Creating the most extraordinary sushi taste!

For more information contact us at 661-613-0793
or by email at

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Grand Opening of Sushi Restaurant in Rosarito Mexico

Grand Opening of Sushi Restaurant in Rosarito Mexico

Grand opening of the first Sushi restaurant in Rosarito, Mexico by Japanese !!!Grand Opening soon!!!* We based our plates on the French, Mexican and Japanese cuisine. Creating the most extraordinary sushi taste!* Come and celebrate your birthday with us and you will receive one free roll!* For those over 62 years old, our senior discounts are Monday and Tuesday!* Come join us for the happy hour on weekdays.* Join us for our Sushi and Sake and Sushi and wine special events.* For birthdays, anniversaries and other special occasion let us arrange all the details for the best celebration.

Rosarito roll/Cube (Baby Lobster, avocado etc)
Japan Roll/Cube (eel, avocado)
Mexico Roll/Cube( Tuna, Avocado, Gabriel,,,,make just like Mexican Flag)
Crunch roll/Cube
Spider roll/Cube
Rainbow roll/Cube
Akai Sakana roll/Cube( Shrimp, Crab,etc)
Amour Burrito
California Roll/Cube
Caterpillar Roll/Cube( eel, crab and avocado)
Spicy Tuna roll/Cube
Veggie roll
Spicy scallop roll/cube
Lobster roll( lobster, crab & sweet salsa)
Ninja Salmon(Medium rare salmon cooked on a burner)
Baja Caliente (California roll with baked spicy mayo)
Baked Scallop roll( California roll with baked mayo & scallop)

*Soft shell crab
*Cucumber and Crab roll*Edamame
*Tofu salad*sashimiNigiri*Tuna, Salmon, eel, Gabriel, shrimp etc
*Tuna steak*Salmon steak*Chicken Yakitori (only weekend)

*The cube is our new creation and its like nothing you have seen before!

For more information contact us at 661-613-0793
or by email at

Friday, November 7, 2008

Rosarito Beach Office new Telephone number

This is our new contact information:

Our new number for our Rosarito Beach office is
and the new email is:
We also moved to a new office and our new mailing address is:
19200 Von Karman Ave. Ste. 400
Irvine, CA 92612
We hope to see you soon!

Friday, October 31, 2008

Mexican Event in Japan!

Casa Yasumin participated in The Fiesta Mexicana, which is a Mexican Event in Tokyo. A typhoon passed through Tokyo the day before, so Saturday was sunny but Sunday was unfortunately rainy day. But a vast amount of people came to the event to seek information about Mexico.

We introduced a timeshare, traveling and Long stay in Mexico at our booth. And we sold the Rosarito Taco kit. Because it’s difficult to obtain taco shells and taco mix in the supermarkets in Japan. Taco kits were sold out pretty quickly. Many people who are interested in traveling to Mexico stopped by our booth and they were very interested in visiting Rosarito once we introduced Rosarito. We were not aware of the fact that Rosarito was a not too familiar place to Japanese and that the term timeshare was not at all familiar to Japanese. We have to think about how to announce Las Flores and Rosarito beach. By the way Casa Yasumin keeps sending information about Rosarito to Japan and pretty soon all Japanese will know about the city of Rosarito Beach.

Rosarito Beach and the City of Ito

The culture and economical exchange started between the city of Rosarito and the City of Ito in Shizuoka, Japan. Rosarito idea was that if they had a sister’s city in Japan they would seem more appealing for Japanese tourists. The City of Ito has some similarities with Rosarito. One similarity is that both cities are beach cities. Second, they are tourist city. Third, the city of Ito has a great historical relationship with Mexico. In 1980’s Rodrigo de Vivero y Velasco returned to Mexico from a port in Ito were he has gladly helped by the Japanese. Rodrigo de Vivero y Velasco is a Spanish colonial officer from Mexico,his trip from Japon to Acapulcoco was the first contact created between Japan and Mexico and next year is going to be the 400 year aniversary.

This time Casa Yasumin handed the letter from the city of Rosarito to the mayor of the city of Ito as a representative of civilian company. We were highly counseled about starting casual and economical exchange between Rosarito and Ito, by Mr.Sekiguchi f Amigo-Kai. He set up the meeting with the Mexican ambassador of Japan and introduced Mr. Awaya to us. Mr.Awaya lives in the city of Ito and he present in the meeting with the mayor of Ito. In addition he showed Yasumin around the city of Ito and introduced her an organization of tourism to Ito. She was able to exchange her opinions with top officers of tourism in Ito city and they confirm that they will cooperate in establishing a good relationship between Rosarito and Ito.

Interview with the mexican Ambassador of Japan

Yasumin met with the Mexican Ambassador of Japan, Miguel Ruiz-Cabañas. The meetings main point was to present the letter from Rosarito’s Mayor to the Ambassador. Recently the Mexican Embassy main focus is to invite the Japanese tourists to Mexico. Mexico is a large country. Each city has its own fascinating spots and Rosarito beach in Baja California has the absolute attractions that would attract Japanese. Unfortunately Many Japanese tourists don’t know of this amazing place. The Mexican embassy in Japan is going to introduce Baja California to the Japanese, offering them the long stay program, due to the large popularity this program has. That is great news for our concept of Las Flores. Mexico is one of the few countries that issues a retirement visa and which, process is easier than in many other countries that issue retirement visas like Thai and Malaysia. If we introduce this information to Japanese more retirees will become attracted. We are looking forward to the coming of the Mexican boom, not right now but in the near future.

Rosarito and city of Ito in Japan Friendly cities

Rosarito and Japan

Now Rosarito Beach is considering the start of cultural and economical exchanges with the cityof Ito in Japan. First, a treaty will be incorporated and in the near future liaisons will grow to make the cities sister cities. Casa Yasumin is going to work as the go-between Rosarito beach and the city of Ito in Japan, as one of private companies from Rosarito. The Mayor of Rosarito Mr. Torres, who invited SHARP before, is very educated and comprehends vastly the Japanese culture and Japanese business. Before Yasumin’s departure to Japan, Mr. Torres gave her two letters; one for the Mexican ambassador of Japan and the other on for the mayor of the city of Ito in Japan.

More Mexican tourists than we had ever imagined visit Japan every year. The number of visitor in Japan from Mexico is more than the number of visitor from Japan to Mexico. The Increasing amount of visitors to Japan is very good for the Japanese. Sushi Bars, Japanese comic books and animation programs become the opportunities and many Mexicans feel that Japan is closer.

And Casa Yasumin spares no efforts to help Rosarito Beach to be mentioned on the Japanese tourism booklets about Mexico who mostly emphasize Cancun and Los Cabos.